Survey: 85% Of People Think Their Driving Is “Very Good” Or “Excellent”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — I’m not a bad driver, everyone else is! That seems to be what most people think, according to a new Nationwide Insurance survey.

85 percent of people surveyed rated their driving as excellent or very good. But less than 30 percent of people gave other drivers the same rating. That feeling – that people think they’re a good driver and other people aren’t good drivers – held across all age groups.

And get this: while most of us think we are good drivers, the behaviors we admit to behind the wheel tell a different story. 51% of the drivers surveyed admitted to holding a cell phone to talk, text or use an app while driving. 54% reported driving at least 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. And 53% admitted to eating while behind the wheel.

Drivers also say the roads are more dangerous today than before the pandemic, and the numbers back that up. Even though fewer people were driving in 2020, there was a nearly seven percent increase in car crash deaths. And, in 2021, deaths on the road increased by 12 percent.

We asked our friends on Facebook if they were good drivers or not.
Ian says, “If you ask me, I would say that I am a safe and considerate driver, but if you would ask my fiancée she would whimper and call an Uber.”
Joey wrote, “Nobody drives as good as me. Nobody. I’m the best driver.”
Andrew writes, “…to the folks relaxing and luxuriating in the left lane, move over.”

Our question of the night: do you think you’re a good driver?

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