EF-2 Tornado Causes Damage In Anson County | PHOTOS

ANSON CO., N.C. — A confirmed EF-2 tornado tore through homes and buildings in Anson County on Thursday with winds up to 120mph, according to the National Weather Service-Raleigh. The tornado touched down at 1:22 PM traveling 7.60 miles in 9 minutes.

“The worst of the damage occurred at approximately 1:27 PM 1.5 miles east-northeast of Burnsville in Anson County. Damage there consisted of a brick home that was shifted off of its foundation, several exterior walls that were blown out, and more than half of the roof was removed.” – National Weather Service-Raleigh

Residents were asked to avoid the area of Burnsville, N.C. as first responders and power companies worked in the area.

Officials say there were no reported injuries.