Smart Shopper: Queen City Poppin’ Is The Deal Of The Day!

Smart Shopper: Queen City Poppin' Is The Deal Of The Day!

CHARLOTTE, NC–In today’s Smart Shopper, you can buy this sweet and salty treat and support local charities at the same time!

The founder and CEO of Queen City Poppin’, Rolston Gabriel says this deal of the day is through a partnership with WCCB’s Dining For Charities. For only $15, get over $20 worth of delicious kettle corn popcorn. 

Gabriel was inspired by his father to create Queen City Poppin’ because he taught him how to make the sweet treat! When his father passed away from cancer in 2018, the Charlotte native made it his mission to start the business that his father helped him start. With every bag sold, it’s this small business owner accomplishing his dream! 

This popcorn is delicious and by far, the best kettle corn I’ve ever tried!

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