Fallout Continues After CMS Board Fires Superintendent Earnest Winston

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Fallout continues after the firing of CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston.

Some community leaders are calling for school board members to be voted out.

Others are defending Winston’s record and saying a change wasn’t necessary.

Colette Forrest is a CMS parent who has pushed district leaders to improve outcomes for minority students.

“They messed this up. The school board members messed this up. Yes, Earnest Winston played a part. But a small part, because he was never capable of the job to begin with. And the persons that made that choice to put him in the position, the district reps who are up for reelection this year, they all need to be sent home,” Forrest says.

Others are coming to Winston’s defense, including the Charlotte Mecklenburg Association of Educators, which released a statement saying it is “troubled” by Winston’s firing.

After firing Winston, the board released details of an independent investigation into Winston, along with his performance review.

You can video those documents here.