4 Ways to Boost Your Income with Anthony ONeal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – According to a recent survey, one third of Americans are turning to side hustles to combat the rising cost of living. With inflation at a 40 year high, Americans are looking for ways to increase their income to cover basic needs like gas and groceries.

Financial expert and host of “The Table” on YouTube, Anthony ONeal, has four ways to increase your income during inflation.

Teach what you know

What’s your area of expertise in your 9-5 job? Chances are, someone out there could benefit from the insight you have to offer.

Host a paid zoom workshop about your industry or profession.

Create a Facebook group and invite your friends, and ask them to share it.

Then you develop your framework for the session, start promoting it and host a live Zoom session for your paying customers.

If you charge $150 for the workshop and 10 people sign up, that’s an extra $1500.

Try online tutoring

This became a big thing at the start of the pandemic and it’s still needed.

Parents are more open to online now, so you’re not limited by your location.

It might be helping with homework or it could be helping to prepare for a test like the SAT.

The average tutor makes between $20-40 an hour.

Mystery shopping

Make bank on your shopping skills.

A mystery shopper is hired by a retailer or market research company to shop in their store and report back on the customer experience.

The average pay is around $20 an hour.

Some retailers even give you free goods, like groceries if that’s what you’re shopping for.

Rent your car out

If you own your car, you can make extra cash by renting it out on sites like Turo.com.

If you’re working from home and have less of a need for your car, this is a great option.

Don’t worry, they insure your car and pre-screen drivers. With the shortage of rental cars due to the pandemic and chip shortage, this is becoming more and more popular.

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