Charlotte Families Scramble To Find Baby Formula Amid Massive Supply Chain Issues

CHARLOTTE — Some parents across the Carolinas are desperate and frustrated.  They say they’re spending hours driving from store to store trying to find baby formula.

But, stores are quickly selling out.  It’s part of the growing baby formula shortage happening across the U.S.  The shortage, caused by supply chain issues, and a major safety recall is leaving many store shelves bare.

A Charlotte mother told WCCB News she spent five hours Wednesday searching for formula for her baby.

“Started at 7:30 this morning, and finally found some at 12:30 this afternoon.  Honestly, it’s a little scary,” says Lindsey Abrahamse,” a concerned mother.

We checked around Charlotte and found stores like Walmart nearly out of baby formula.  One Food Lion location keeps its formula locked inside a case.  The manager told us its because people are stealing it.

The FDA says many infant formula manufacturers are meeting or exceeding capacity levels to meet current demand.