Effort Underway To Relocate Eastland DIY Skatepark To Tyvola Light Rail Station

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A plan is in the works to move a popular skatepark at the old Eastland Mall site to a new location.

A developer has taken over the property where the skatepark currently sits.

The new location would be next to the Tyvola light rail station, under the bridge where the train runs.

Members of the skate community are working to form a non-profit to lease the property from CATS.

Organizers who have been working to save the skatepark are trying to work out all the details.

“I mean it’s a good solution, it’s not great, I’ll say that. I mean, I like the location. I like the spot. It’s kind of far from where I’d like it to be, I’d rather it still be in East Charlotte somewhere,” says Stephen Barrett.

The city is also working with a local non-profit to relocate an open-air market previously housed at the Eastland site.

Plans are not finalized.