Edge On The Clock: Going Back To The Office & “Lunchflation”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Cruise the seven seas like David Bowie. A massive yacht that once belonged to the late rock legend is up for sale. Bowie reportedly owned it throughout the 1980s. Bowie famously had a fear of flying, and would travel from country to country on the boat while touring. He sold it after overcoming that fear. It has since has two different owners. It will cost you about $5.1M to buy it.

Plus, going back to the office is proving to be pretty pricey. Coffee runs and long lunches with colleagues are eating into employees’ wallets. Some people are calling it “lunchflation.”

And, a United Airlines worker is off the job, after a new viral video shows him provoking a fight with a former NFL football player. The fight happened last week at the Newark Airport. The video shows the worker shoving former Denver Broncos cornerback Brendan Langley.

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