A Trip Down Lavender Lane


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Dallas Lavender Farm – A place where baby goats roam free and where the lavender plant can do more than smell good and look pretty.

I’ve learned a ton about the uses of lavender in the last few months. The most interesting bit I learned is how delicious it can be when consumed. 

Weird, I know. 

Like many, I’ve always loved the smell of flowers, and I’ve heard that certain flowers are edible, for example, candied roses and chamomile, but never did I question what lavender tasted like…Until recently.  

Let me preface my experience by sharing a quick story about how I ended up holding a baby goat while shopping at a lavender farm.  

It all started when I visited a coffee shop about a year ago. A good friend of mine worked as a barista at the time. I keep my coffee selection pretty simple. Black with sugar and if I’m in the mood, maybe cream. 

She suggested I expand my horizons and finally try something different for a change. I didn’t argue. I skimmed the menu and grimaced at the latte flavor in front of me. Lavender Vanilla latte was the featured drink all spring.

One sip and I was hooked, I spent the next few weeks sipping floral lattes and spreading the news of this interesting combo, and just like that, spring ended. 

I suffered through the fall with no lavender lattes to be found. I finally decided that come spring, I would learn to make the latte myself using lavender syrup!

Now on to the baby goats

Img 1307 Small

I researched where to buy culinary lavender. (be advised there is a difference)  Click here for clarity. 

I eventually stumbled across the Dallas Lavender Lane Farm, just about 20 miles outside of Charlotte. The best part was you can pick it yourself! I grabbed my barista bestie and we ventured to Dallas NC. 

We arrived to find soft music coming from a dainty gazebo and baby goats prancing around. 

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The owner approached us and immediately invited us to pick up the kids (baby goats) while we shop. 

The small shop encompassed everything lavender like soap, oils, honey, teas, syrups and so much more. I purchased a fresh tea blend of dehydrated lavender and chamomile. The owner informed us that the prime-time picking window was the beginning of June.

I thought I would’ve been saddened by the fact that I still couldn’t make a homemade lavender latte just yet, but how sad can you be when you’re surrounded by baby goats and learning so much about a powerful and delicious purple plant?

We made sure to mark our calendars and return to the farm ready to harvest.

I stood in the hardwood shop with a baby goat in my arms “baaa-ing” away, as she explained the different avenues that lavender can take. The most interesting part was that the owners did it all themselves, it was a family business. The syrup making, the dehydrating, tea making, all of it was done on the Lavender Lane Farm.

We sipped on lavender lemonade slushies and pet the other animals on the farm before heading back. My experiences on the farm curved my lavender cravings enough to wait for picking time and plus, I had my chamomile lavender tea to keep me sane. 

In the mean time I’ll be looking up recipes for lavender syrup to finally make that latte!

I’m ecstatic to return for lavender picking and more baby goat cuddles, and most importantly to join in on the fun for the Dallas Lavender Lane Farm Hippie Festival! 

If you’ve never experienced the delicate floral taste of lavender I encourage to visit the farm and taste it for yourself!

Lavender Lane Farm’s Next Event:

2022 Hippie Festival – visitors can enjoy lavender picking, live music, and a DJ playing 60’s and 70’s music. There will be arts and crafts like flower crown making and glass blowing , food vendors, jugglers, sky walkers and a petting zoo for children.

June 25th-26th from 12PM TO 9 PM

Tickets are currently on sale and sold on first come first serve basis, starting at $12.99.

For more information or to purchase your ticket click here. 

Author: Dee Michel