Edge On The Clock: The Rock’s Daughter Reveals Her WWE Name, And People Are Mad

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Mona Lisa was the subject of attempted vandalism on Sunday. Paris authorities say they arrested a man for throwing a piece of cake at the painting. Louvre Museum security says the 36-year-old guy was wearing a wig and pretended to need a wheelchair when he vandalized the painting. That’s important because the museum allows people with reduced mobility to move in front of the crowd to get a closer view. Authorities believe the vandal caked the Mona Lisa as part of an environmental publicity stunt.

Plus, a new discovery could have you questioning if dragons are actually myths. Scientists in Argentina have discovered the fossils of a flying reptile named “The Dragon of Death.” Researchers say this was the largest animal in the skies 86 million years ago.

And, The Rock’s daughter, Simone Johnson, has announced her professional WWE wrestling name, and people are upset. Simone revealed she will wrestle under the name Ava Raine.

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