The Snark: Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Disney’s Pinocchio & Speed of Ketchup

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“Below Deck Sailing Yacht” shows what’s like for the 1% on the high seas. It also shows what life is like for the yachties who serve them. We see the crew blow off steam after another successful charter. Might be better to say blow out steam.

On “Unexpected,” Tyra’s boyfriend Alex cheated on her and got another girl pregnant. They are still together. Alex goes to a birthday party with Tyra to show how invested he is in her life. Which appears to be a bad choice.

A live-action film of the classic story “Pinocchio” is coming to Disney+. Why you’ll be able to relate.

Scientists figured out that the optimal flow of ketchup is roughly .028 miles per hour. What that’s comparable to.

Finally, the Biden’s have been fexting. What they think it means and what it really means.