Edge On The Clock: Scientists Explain Why Megalodons Went Extinct

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Rapper Jack Harlow is dropping a new finger lickin’ good collaboration. Harlow is teaming up with Kentucky Fried Chicken to introduce a new combo meal. The Jack Harlow Meal includes a KFC Spicy Chicken sandwich, lemonade, fries, macaroni and cheese, and a side of ranch. The Kentucky native’s meal should hit menus Monday.

Plus, it looks as if it’s plucked right from a fairytale. Queen Elizabeth’s 18 century carriage is expected to make an appearance at her Jubilee Celebration this coming Sunday. This will be the first time in two decades the 260-year-old carriage is hitting the streets.

And, scientists may have figured out why the giant megalodon shark went extinct. They think the megalodon likely had to compete with the great white shark for prey, and the great white won the battle for survival.

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