What The Tech: App of The Day, Matched


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How many Friday nights do you spend with your significant other and try to find something to watch on TV? Now, how long does it take to agree on something? Oftentimes you spend more time searching for something than you do watching something.

Does this sound familiar?

You: “What do you want to watch?”
Them: “I don’t care.”
You: “How about that?”
Them: “no. That looks good”
You: “I hear it’s terrible”.

Does this ever happen in your house? The app, Matched could ease the pain of finding something you both want to see.

Here’s how it works:

Download Matched on both phones and choose all the streaming services you get. Now, either person or the entire family can bookmark movies and shows they’re interested in.

Each person can rate movies they’ve seen to build their profile. This matches their taste in movies with other users who’ve recommended the movies or shows. This gives both Matched users some ideas of things they might enjoy.

Using those suggestions, each person sharing a Matched account is presented with movies available only on the streaming services they get. Much like Tinder, you swipe right for a film you’d like to watch and left for the ones you’re not interested in. You can read reviews, see who’s in the movie and even watch the preview on YouTube before deciding.

It’s saved in a to-watch list when you and your movie partner get a match.

Now, when you both sit down for movie night, you’ll both have movies and shows listed that you both want to watch. So you don’t spend the whole night just trying to find something to watch. That hardly ever ends well.