Cats Out The Bag – Panthers Brings On The First Openly Transgender Cheerleader

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Carolina Panthers welcome its first transgender cheerleader.

In an Instagram post, 29-year-old trans woman, Justine Lindsay came out publicly as she announced that she would be joining the Carolina Panther’s TopCats cheerleading squad come September at the start of the NFL season.


Lindsey shared on social media ” This is a moment I will never forget and I cannot wait to show you all what this girl has to bring.”


She shared in a post on Monday that she had been subjected to harassment after sharing the news. The TopCat cheerleader to-be responded with a post stating

“ People will use God’s name in vain only to justify their outrageous behavior, don’t make a fool out of yourself. Understand that we are all God’s children, that he is an awesome God from sun up to sun down. I live through him. Negative hate stay away”


In an interview with Buzzfeed News Lindsay says she hopes to pave the way for those under her, who are scared and afraid to take a step because it’s not easy to do when ignorant comments are made.

The athlete says she’s proud to represent Black trans women in the sport, being that Black women cheerleaders are underrepresented in the field.


Make sure to grab your tickets to watch some football and view amazing performances with the TopCats and their newest member.

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