Deputies Deploy Stop Sticks To Stop U-Haul Pulling Stolen Trailer In Lincoln County

LINCOLNTON, N.C. — A police chase ended in Lincoln County Thursday after deputies deployed stop sticks on a U-Haul truck pulling a stolen trailer.

Lincoln County deputies were called to help Catawba County deputies with stopping the suspect vehicle that came into Lincoln County on NC 16 Highway around 6 a.m.

Catawba County Communications told deputies that a vehicle pursuit was traveling into Lincoln County.

Deputies were then dispatched to several nearby intersections to deploy stop sticks.

Police say the suspect vehicle, a U-Haul truck pulling a stolen trailer, was able to avoid the stop sticks at the NC 150 intersection, and the vehicle continued to travel south on Highway 16.

Deputies then deployed stop sticks at the St. James Church Road intersection.

They were successful in damaging the right rear tires on the truck and trailer.

Police say the suspect vehicle slowed to approximately 30 miles per hour as a result of the damaged tires.

As the suspect vehicle reached the NC 73 Highway on ramp, deputies once again deployed stop sticks.

Police say the truck, now running on one fully inflated tire, came to a stop.

Catawba County deputies called for the suspect and passenger to exit the vehicle at gun point.

After 25 minutes or so of not following commands, police say the suspect and passenger surrendered to officers.

Both the suspect and passenger were taken back to Catawba County where they were charged and placed in the detention center, according to a news release.

Police say the stop stick tire deflation devices are carried in all Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies patrol vehicles.

Since being added, deputies say the stop sticks have been instrumental in bringing several vehicle pursuits to an end.