Panthers Pipe Dream: York County Sues David Tepper For $21M+

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Panthers brand new headquarters facility in Rock Hill has now turned into a half-built structure and a lawsuit. York County is suing Panthers owner David Tepper, and the city of Rock Hill, for more than $21M.

The lawsuit claims Tepper and his companies took $21M in tax payer money for the project. Now, the county wants the money back, along with interest.

The proposed $800M practice facility and headquarters is half built in Rock Hill. There are no plans to finish the facility, and no word on what will be done with abandoned project.

Tepper paused construction on the Rock Hill facility March 7, saying Rock Hill failed to come up with the $225M they promised for the 240-acre development. The project was officially canceled April 19, after the project filed for bankruptcy.

Our question of the night: should Tepper Sports and Entertainment pay back the money?

This episode’s panel features:
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