Local Animal Shelter Director Demands Tougher Abuse Penalties From Judges

ANSON CO., N.C. – A cry for help from two of the women who run the Anson County Animal Shelter. Shelter workers were in court for two cases this week, both instances of neglect. One of the puppies was alive when animal control officer Jackie Ussrey found them, but later died. And dog was also not being fed and had a broken leg. It’s now in a foster home, being taken care of.

In both cases, the judges allowed the animal owners to have animals again, after a waiting period. Anson County Animal Shelter director Maureen Lett tells WCCB, “Why are we letting having animals back, that admit, tell us that they’re guilty? That they did this? They starved these animals to death. They let these animals suffer a horrible death. And we let them have animals back. Why do you do that?” Lett wants tougher animal welfare laws, and tougher penalties from judges.

WCCB has emails into the judges in these cases to ask why they didn’t ban the people from ever owning animals again. We will keep you posted.