Swimming Bans Transgender Women From Elite Competition

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The sport of competitive swimming is making waves for its ruling on transgender athletes. Effective immediately, trans women are restricted from women’s competitions. The international governing body for swimming voted Sunday to ban female athletes who transitioned after age 12. FINA said the they need to use sex-linked traits to determine eligibility, because of the “performance gap” that appears between males and females during puberty.

Right now, the ruling only applies to elite competitions, like World Championships, and the Olympics.

The ruling also only impacts on transgender women. Transgender men will continue to be eligible to compete in men’s races without any restriction. The federation’s new policy also included proposals for creating an “open competition” category over the next six months. They hope an “open competition” will balance inclusion for trans athletes and promote fair competition.

Our question of the night: will swimming’s new transgender ban lead to wider changes in sports?

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