Michael Jordan Called Out For Refusing Photo With Two Young Fans

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan is being criticized for how he handled an interaction with two young fans. A TikTok video shows two kids waiting for LaMelo Ball outside a parking garage used by Hornets players in Uptown Charlotte. Instead of seeing LaMelo walk out, they were shocked when they saw the legend Michael Jordan himself.

One of the kids asks Jordan for a picture. Jordan tells the kids to put their phone down and says he won’t take a picture with them. The kid on the scooter is clearly a fan; he’s even wearing Jordan sneakers in the video.

Reaction online has been split, with some people saying Jordan should have taken the time to meet the kids. Others saying they don’t blame Jordan for not giving them the time of day.

Our question of the night: should Michael Jordan have been nicer to the kids?

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