Blind Spots: What You Need To Know About Them From Toyota Of N Charlotte

If you’ve ever driven a car, then you’ve probably experienced dealing with a blind spot. Unfortunately, almost all cars have at least one blind spot regardless of their make and model. They occur because of pillars in the car’s design, misaligned mirrors, and even carelessly packed cargo. However, blind spots are dangerous and it’s important to know both how to deal with them and also how to minimize them as much as possible. Toyota of N Charlotte is here with tips! 

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blind zone monitoring sensor on the side mirror of a modern car.

What is a blind spot and why do they matter? 

Before we can discuss how to deal with and minimize blind spots, it’s good to have an idea what they are. Basically, they’re areas around your car that you can’t see by using your mirrors or cameras – you have to physically turn your head (and sometimes your body, too) to be able to see them. They’re dangerous because if you assume that they’re clear and that another car, etc. isn’t sitting in them, you could wind up getting into a collision. 

It’s critical to check your blind spots before changing lanes or making a turn. If a car or other object is sitting in them, you could collide with them when you move. To check a blind spot, turn your head as quickly as you possibly can to ensure it’s empty and then turn back to face the road in front of you immediately. 

You can also take steps to minimize blind spots. Here are some tips from the experts at Toyota of N Charlotte: 

  • Make sure you adjust your mirrors to the proper positions. Your side mirrors should be pointed straight back, but tilted slightly inward so you can just see the side of your car in the edge of the mirror. Your rearview mirror should be positions pointing back so you can see clearly out of the rear window of your N Charlotte Toyota. 
  • Buy blind spot mirrors. There are tiny blind spot mirrors that you can affix to your existing side mirrors to get a clear view of your car’s blind spot. They’re affordable and our experts at the Toyota of N Charlotte parts department can help you choose the ones that are best for your car. 
  • Think about getting a car with blind spot monitoring technology. Many of our new Toyotas at Toyota of N Charlotte come with this tech – it’s a sensor that alerts you to a car or other object in your blind spot with a chiming noise and a light in your mirror. It basically lets you know that it’s not safe to get over yet. 
  • Pack wisely. When packing your car, make sure you never block the field of vision out of your car windows, especially the back window. Do not stack cargo to the ceiling. 
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Road reflecting in mirrors

Get additional safe driving tech and tips from Toyota of N Charlotte 

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