Edge On The Clock: Disney Unveils Its Most Expensive Drink Ever

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Disney’s popular but controversial ride Splash Mountain is getting a complete overhaul. On Friday, the park confirmed the rides in Florida and California will be rebranded with a Princess and the Frog theme. Disney’s “imagineers” will transform Splash Mountain into a Mardi Gras celebration, and the new name will be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. The “new” ride will open in 2024. The ride was originally based on the controversial Disney film Song of the South, which critics say portrays racial stereotypes.

Plus, a Boston woman is being recognized as the world’s longest serving flight attendant. Bette Nash has worked for American Airlines for 65 years. She’s chosen her route for much of her career. She usually opts for the New York-Boston-Washington DC trips, so she can be home every night to take care of her disabled son.

And, Disney’s newest cruise ship, Disney Wish, reportedly features the most expensive drink in the galaxy: the $5,000 Kaiburr Crystal cocktail. You can find the drink on the menu in the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge. The company hasn’t said what makes the drink so expensive.

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