New North Carolina Laws Now In Effect

CHARLOTTE, NC – Roughly 30 new laws are in effect in North Carolina as of July 1st. 

They touch on everything from the DMV, education, public employee pay, high school athletics, and liquor laws. 

 Be prepared to pay more for your driver’s license, your vehicle registration or copy of your driving record.

The Division of Motor Vehicles is required to adjust fees and rates every four years. According to a news release, about 90 license and registration-related fees will go up by about 8%. 

A normal annual vehicle registration will increase from $36 to $38.75. 

Other laws now on the books include a 2.5% salary increase for most state employees and state law enforcement officers. 

When it comes to education, reading achievement is now front and center. Under the new law, the goal is for all students to be able to read by the third grade. 

Teachers will also receive their usual raises and an additional $350 bonus. 

Following criticism and pushback regarding the state high school athletic association’s handling of player eligibility and school punishments; the state passed a bill that requires the NCHSAA and CAASC to put in place a series of policies that touch on student safety, health, and participation. 

When it comes to alcohol, the state legislature passed several laws that will allow for social districts and loosen the laws around the sale and transportation of alcoholic beverages. The state also did away with a peculiar law that previously required “memberships” for private bars.