SofTex Vs Leather: What You Should Know 

When you buy a new car, you’ve got lots of choices to work out. From paint color to performance capabilities to technology, the list can seem endless… but there’s one more thing you actually need to consider. What type of interior trim do you want for your next N Charlotte Toyota? 

The most common choices are fabric, SofTex, and leather. Fabric is a less popular choice nowadays because it stains and fades, so many customers opt for SofTex or leather. But what’s the difference between these two materials, and which one is going to work best for your drive time needs? The experts at Toyota of N Charlotte are here to explain the differences between SofTex and leather to help you make the most fitting decision. 

SofTex vs leather

Toyota of N Charlotte explains SofTex vs leather 

First, let’s talk about what each of these options is. Leather is… well, leather. What you’d expect. SofTex, on the other hand, is something that you might not be overly familiar with if you haven’t shopped for a new Toyota yet. It’s a synthetic material that mimics leather but has zero animal-based material. 

So, which is best for you? Both definitely have perks, and our N Charlotte Toyota sales specialists are breaking them down for you. Here’s how leather compares to SofTex. 

What to know about SofTex: 

  • SofTex is more affordable than leather, so if you’re on a budget, you might get more bang for your buck choosing this material. 
  • It’s also more eco-friendly. As mentioned, it doesn’t contain any animal products. Additionally, the process to make it is greener than that of leather. It generates 85% less carbon dioxide emissions and 99% fewer volatile organic compounds. 
  • Further, it’s super durable. SofTex is a lot less likely than leather to crack and fade when exposed to the sun because it’s made of synthetic materials. 

What to know about leather: 

  • Leather is synonymous with luxury. It provides a plush and comfortable driving experience for everyone inside the cabin. 
  • Leather does last a long time – if you take good care of it, it can last up to ten years without any issue. 
  • Leather does require a little bit more TLC than SofTex. You have to clean and condition it regularly if you want it to last. This is especially true if you live in a hot climate; the sun can cause cracking and fading. 
  • Leather is more susceptible to damage than SofTex; it’s more likely to tear, rip, stain, etc. 
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Part of red leather car seat with the unfocused car interior on the background

Experience SofTex and leather in person at Toyota of N Charlotte 

So which is better for you? It depends on your personal preference, your budget, and how much time you have to invest in caring for it. You can see for yourself which you prefer by stopping by Toyota of North Charlotte and checking them out in person! 

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