Edge On The Clock: Facebook To Test Allowing Multiple Profiles Under One Account

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – TikTok is unveiling new features to filter out mature videos. TikTok says dieting, sadness and extreme fitness videos are potentially too mature for teens. According to a new blog post, TikTok says more filtering options will be available within the next few weeks.

Plus, Facebook is testing a new feature that allows users to have multiple profiles. The social networking site says one account could have up to five profiles. The main profile would need to be the name the user regularly goes by. But the other ones could have unique names and be tailored for relationships or interests. For example, you could have one profile for your close friends and family, a profile for co-workers, and one for specific hobbies.

And, now’s your chance to become an action figure. Hasbro is unveiling its Selfie Series which gives people the chance to create a six-inch action figure of themselves.

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