The Snark: 90 Day Fiance, Dolls With Your Head & Brain Dead

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – On “90 Day Fiance,” space rapper Jibri and his fiance Miona have 15 days to get married and 30 days to move out of his parents house. Jibri hasn’t taken any steps to do either. Things aren’t going well for Yve and Mohammed. Her friends grilled him with questions about his sex life, something he found incredibly inappropriate. Yve wants to try hanging out with the same “nasty girls” again.

Hasbro will now 3D print custom heads for customers’ dolls. The toy company announced that customers will soon be able to scan their face on the Hasbro app and receive unique 3D printed dolls with their own likeness. The whole process costs $60.

Doctors at New York University are practicing pig organ transplants into brain-dead humans. Derek explains why everyone wins.

A man from Colorado just broke a strange world record by pushing a peanut up a mountain using his nose.

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