New, Bigger Punishment For NFL’s Deshaun Watson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Embattled NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson will be out for most of the football season, following dozens of sexual misconduct allegations. On Thursday, the NFL announced the Cleveland Browns quarterback will be suspended for 11 regular season games without pay. He’ll also be fined $5M. And, behavioral experts will evaluate Watson, and he’ll have to follow their program.

24 massage therapists sued Watson, accusing him of sexual assault or misconduct during sessions. That was when he was with the Houston Texans. 23 of those cases have been settled. Watson is still denying the claims. He told reporters on Thursday, “Ima continue to stand on my innocence and keep pushing forward. I’ve always stood on not disrespecting or sexually assaulting anyone.” He also said, “I feel like the person has the opportunity to stand on his innocence, and prove that, and we proved that on the legal side, and we’ve just got to continue to push forward as an individual and as a person.”

Also on Thursday, the Browns vowed to invest $1M “towards educating youth for awareness of sexual misconduct.” Co-owner Susan Haslam says the organization has an “opportunity to make a difference in this community.” Meanwhile, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has called Watson’s behavior “egregious” and “predatory.”

Our question of the night: do you agree with the punishment?

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