Providence Day Prepares To Face Weddington

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Providence is getting ready to take on Weddington in their second game of the season. They lost to the Warriors last year, and they’re trying not to repeat history.

“To be beat them, we got to play very clean. It was embarrassing, frankly, when we played last year. I watched the film again last night, and it was really ugly. I did a very poor job getting our kids ready to play last year, so hopefully, we’ll be better prepared this year,” head coach Chad Grier said.

This year the Chargers have 5-star quarterback Jadyn Davis under center. The junior may be a new addition to the team, but he’s no stranger to his teammates.

“You know I was here on my eighth-grade year, so I know a lot of the guys,” Davis said. “They kind of welcomed me right back with open arms. Now, these guys are my brothers here. I feel like I’m a part of the family.”

With Chad Grier as their head coach, a highly touted quarterback, and other big recruits on the roster, the team knows the pressure is on, and the expectations are high.

“We welcome it. I think that’s the reason we work so hard,” Grier said. “They just know that to be great it takes a great effort. We don’t want to break our arms patting ourselves on the back. We haven’t really accomplished anything as a team this year yet. Weddington gives us a great opportunity, that’s what it is an opportunity, and we’ll be better for playing them win or lose. I’m excited to see our guys go compete.”

You can watch Providence Day play Weddington Friday at 7:00 PM on