Derek James Says Goodbye After 22 Years In Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Friday is Derek James’ last day in the Queen City. After 22 years in Charlotte and 18 years with WCCB, he will be moving to Minneapolis, M.N. to be closer to family.


“This morning I gave a good long look at the Charlotte skyline. Because when I moved here twenty-two years ago that skyline was equal parts exciting and scary at the same time.

At 22-years-old I had never lived in a big city .

I didn’t know if I could handle it or if it would accept me.

And it accepted me.

And by it, I mean you.

I was first on the radio for a very long time. Almost 18 years in Charlotte.

I grew up here. I met the person that is the best person I’ve ever known, Kristin, here.

We got engaged and married here in Charlotte.

We had two incredible kids, Tyler and Chase, here.

I became a meteorologist while working at WCCB.

The more that time passed, Charlotte became home.

But home for me is also in the midwest.

My mom, my brothers, sister and a lot of other family and friends are there and it’s time I get back to them.

Time for an exciting new chapter.

I wanted to say, I never expected to get the kind of opportunities here and meet the people here in the Carolinas that I did.

I want to thank Bob and Sherry. They got me in the door here in Charlotte.

Matt Ramona for helping me soar here in Charlotte and bringing me with them to WCCB News Edge.

I also want to thank Angie, Ken White, rest in peace, and Hutch for taking a chance on this kid from Wisconsin and letting me experiment and do some things that aren’t done on every newscast.

Gaston, thanks for being an ear in recent years.

This is a small but mighty crew.

Morning and night WCCB puts out good journalism, who cares for and has pride for the Charlotte community.

My goal everyday is to make sure we got the news right, and at some point, we made you forgot any troubles in your life.

Even if it was just for a moment with something silly or funny that would make you laugh or smile. 

Thank you Charlotte. And goodbye”