Edge On The Clock: Chris Rock Replies To New Oscars Invitation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A unique dazzling pink diamond could sell for more than $21M at auction. Sotheby’s is auctioning off the Williamson Pink Star diamond, which is considered “among the rarest of all gemstones.” Officials describe the diamond as “fancy vivid pink” weighing in at just over 11 carats. They say very few pink diamonds are classified as fancy vivid pink, and the fact that this is over 10 carats makes it exceptionally rare.

Plus, Hardee’s is teaming up with a brewery to make a beer that includes its signature biscuits. The recipe for Strawberry Biscuit Ale calls for more than 200 pounds of the biscuits. It took Southern Grist Brewery months to find the right blend of strawberries and biscuits.

And, it’s been a few months since the Oscars slap, and now Chris Rock says he’s been asked to host the Academy Awards again. According to the Arizona Republic, Rock revealed the information during a comedy show, in Phoenix, over the weekend. Rock purportedly told the crowd he turned down the hosting offer, and he said the slap from Smith “hurt.”

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