August 2022 Teacher Of The Month: Brigid Meier

CHARLOTTE, NC — Congratulations to our August 2022 Teacher of the Month winner, Brigid Meier. Ms. Meier is a teacher at Randolph Middle School. She was nominated by Kathleen Bambrick.

Kathleen said the following of Ms. Meier:

“Brigid’s first year of teaching was interrupted by COVID and a shift to remote learning. Although teaching theatre education VIRTUALLY is not exactly ideal or easy, three years later, she persevered and established herself as not only an excellent teacher but a respected peer and mentor. Her commitment to her craft and her love of the arts is infectious. Due to the limitations of COVID, she’s been able to launch a production yet but hopes to in the not-too-distant future. This is one way to help her students toward that goal.”

Thank you for all that you do Ms. Meier!

If you know a teacher who goes above and beyond, you can nominate them to be a Teacher of the Month here.