Edge On The Clock: Kellogg’s Launches Insta-Bowl Cereal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – There’s nothing like starting the day with a big bowl of cereal and…water? Kellogg’s new Insta-bowls are little tubs of cereal that also contain milk powder. So, when you add water and stir, the milk rehydrates and boom: instant milk and cereal. You can find them at Walmart for a $1.98 a bowl.

Plus, researchers have identified the world’s oldest mammal, and it is not a human. Scientists have shared a sketch of the Brasilodon Quadrangularis. Scientists believe the small shrew-like creature walked the earth some 225 million years ago. Scientists dated the creature using fossils of hard tissues such as bones and teeth. Those records were published this week in the Journal of Anatomy.

And, it looks like something straight out of the Jetsons: electric air taxis. It’s called an eVTOL, which stands for electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle, and it could change the way people commute. United Airlines is getting in on the action, with plans to buy 400. United says the vehicles have a range of 60 miles.

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