Toyota Connected Services Explained By Toyota Of North Charlotte

If you’ve bought a new Toyota from Toyota of N Charlotte or any other dealer, you probably have heard the phrase “Toyota Connected Services”. But what are they, and how can they affect your drive time? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain. 

What are Toyota Connected Services? 

Toyota Connected Services is a suite of apps designed to enhance your convenience, safety, and efficiency every single time you get behind the wheel of your new Toyota. When you buy or lease a new Toyota, you get a free trial for one year. After that, you can pay a low monthly subscription fee to keep accessing the features. 

A breakdown of the features in Toyota Connected Services 

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find when you access Toyota Connected Services through your N Charlotte Toyota: 

Toyota app

Toyota App: The Toyota app is where you can get all of the important information about your vehicle – think of it as a portable owner’s manual. It’s able to be used for cars that are the model year 2010 or later, and the features and subscription you have in the app vary depending on the model you have. You can make payments directly to Toyota Financial Services through your app, as well as hook it up to your smartwatch. 

Destination Assist: Get real-time directions to your final destination any time with Toyota Connected Services Destination Assist. 

Wifi Connect: WiFi connect turns your vehicle into a mobile hotspot. You can hook up as many as five devices so you can connect to the internet, stream music and videos, and more. 

Safety Connect: Get the peace of mind you deserve with Safety Connect Services, which include high-tech safety features like: 

  • Enhanced roadside assistance 
  • Emergency assistance to have emergency services sent to you immediately 
  • Automatic collision notification; your Toyota will notify a response center and local emergency services if it senses that you’ve been in an accident 
  • Collision assistance to deal with the aftereffects of a car accident from reporting it to scheduling repairs 
  • Stolen vehicle locator to find your vehicle and work with local authorities to locate it 

Toyota Connected Services

Remote Connect: Stay connected to your car and enjoy features like: 

  • Alerts for open windows, doors, and sunroofs AND if any doors are left unlocked 
  • Parked car locator 
  • Updates on mileage and fuel economy 
  • Alerts to your phone for speeds traveled, mileage and times driven 

Service Connect: Service connect keeps you on track for upcoming service appointments, as well as alerts you to any issues with your car and any recalls going on. 

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