Edge On The Clock: Elon Musk’s College Girlfriend To Auction Off Dating Mementos

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Disney turns 100 next year, and fans can expect new and exciting celebrations at all of the Disney parks. Some plans have already been announced. For the 100th anniversary, Mickey, Minnie, and the gang will sport new looks. A new nighttime spectacular is being developed for Epcot. And Epcot will also get a Moana-inspired experience called “Journey of Water.” California Adventure is set to open a new multiverse-centered attraction that will allow guests to fight alongside The Avengers.

Plus, boozy Fresca is coming to a store near you. Fresca Mixed is set to hit shelves this month. There are two options: Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma. Each one is 100 calories and five percent alcohol. A four pack is about $10. Ready-to-drink cocktails are becoming very popular. Just this summer, sales grew 106 percent over last summer.

And, maybe you should hold onto your ex’s stuff; it could be lucrative later on. Elon Musk’s college girlfriend is auctioning off some mementos, and one birthday card could sell for more than $10,000. The note inside the card reads, “Happy Birthday, Jennifer, aka Boo-Boo, love Elon.” 18 candid photos are also up for sale, along with a necklace. Jennifer Gwynne started dating Musk back in 1994 when they both worked as RA’s in their University of Pennsylvania dorm.

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