Cabarrus County School Leaders Debate Over Controversial Book In Schools

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. — A controversial book was at the center of a heated debate Monday among members of the Cabarrus County School Board.  The novel, ‘Looking for Alaska’, tells the story of grief, hope, and youth-adult relationships.  The book was challenged by several states due to profanity and a sexually explicit scene.

School leaders in Cabarrus County recently discovered the novels in their school library and referred the book to the school board’s literacy and supplemental education committee for review.

“I am transparently saying that two of the books were actually missing and I’m wondering where they are, but my guess is they’re probably under some kid’s mattress,” says Board member Laura Blackwell.  An email was sent to the school board by 132 parents in Cabarrus County expressing their concerns over the possibility of the board banning books.

“Censorship starts and ends at home.  We don’t need schools to take books off the shelves because we’re talking to our kids about the books they read,” says Renee Sekel with the organization, Red, Wine & Blue NC.

The board will ultimately decide if the book should be banned in Cabarrus County Schools.