Do The New Scarowinds Safety Rules Make You Feel Safer?

CHAROTTE, N.C. – Carowinds has new rules for kids and teenagers going to the park’s Halloween attraction. Carowinds says starting immediately, anyone under 17 will not be allowed in the park without a chaperone during Scarowinds events. Chaperones must be at least 21, and will be asked for a photo ID when they enter the park. Chaperones must stay with their group the whole time and be available by phone. Anyone found underage inside the park without a chaperone will be asked to leave.

The changes come after Carowinds says unruly behavior by a group of teens over the weekend sparked fears of a shooting inside the park. Video from Saturday night shows hundreds of people screaming and running from the park. Several people say they were nearly trampled trying to get out. Police say no guns were found and no one got hurt.

One chaperone can accompany up to four minors per day. The policy will be in effect every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night during Scarowinds events.

Our question of the night: does Carowinds’ new policy make you feel safer?

This episode features:
WCCB TV’s Morgan Fogarty
WCCB News Edge contributor Ashley Anderson