Edge On The Clock: Starbucks Says It Needs To Make Coffees Faster

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – You may soon be able to get your morning latte a bit faster. Starbucks is laying out plans to speed-up service. Plans includes new systems and machines that will, for example, let baristas make a Frappuccino in just 36 seconds, down from 87 seconds. The plans come amid an uptick in mobile orders and customers ordering more elaborate concoctions they find on social media. The company is also rolling out new incentives to workers, like student loan debt help.

Plus, Walmart is upping its fashion game. The retailer is rolling out a virtual fitting room on it’s app. People can use the “Be Your Own Model” feature on the Walmart app to see how clothes will fit them. You can use a a photo of yourself or a model. But, according to Business Insider, to use a photo of yourself you’ll need to upload a photo in underwear or tight-fitting clothing for the feature to properly work. Walmart says the feature allows customers to see how the fabric drapes and falls on their figure. Right now, the option is only available for Apple product users.

And, researchers have confirmed the existence of a space diamond after finding it on the earth’s surface. The stone is called lonsdaleite. It’s actually harder and stronger than a regular diamond. Scientists believe the rock came to earth in a meteorite. The natural chemical process through which scientists believe the lonsdaleite was formed could inspire a way to manufacture super-durable industrial components.

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