Edge On The Clock: Doctors Say New Chip Challenge Is Putting People In Hospital

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jimmy Kimmel says he’s looking forward to “quiet quitting.” Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean the late-night host is actually quitting. He’s just ready to slow down. Kimmel extended his contract for three more years, but with the 20th season coming up in January, he joked he’ll mark the anniversary on cruise control. Kimmel’s contract was set to expire next year. He admits he’s considered retiring from the show. He told Variety, “What am I gonna do with my life if I’m not doing this anymore?”

Plus, a drag queen threw concert-goers and security for a loop at Lady Gaga’s Miami concert. Video shows fans swarming the Gaga impersonator at the Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday. She can be heard yelling, “I’m a drag queen, I’m a drag queen.” The Brazilian native has been impersonating the Grammy-winning pop icon for 10 years.

And, doctors are warning against a new TikTok challenge saying its putting people in the hospital. It’s called the One Chip Challenge. A tortilla chip company, Paqui, created the challenge as an online dare where they release a new spicy chip each challenge.

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