Electric Scooters Now Available In The City Of Albemarle

ALBEMARLE, N.C. — Residents and visitors in the City of Albemarle will have a new way of getting around town.  The city has welcomed the electric scooter company Peel as a mode of transportation.

A total of 20 scooters will be part of a pilot program in the city for the next 12 months. The electric scooters are not permitted on sidewalks in the downtown area. They have a maximum speed of 15-miles-per-hour. Riders are required to be at least 16 years old. All riders are encouraged to wear a helmet on every ride.

Peel scooters are provided at no cost to the City and Peel has agreed to hold all liability for the operation of the scooters.

Peel scooters are available through the company’s smart phone application. Riders pay one dollar to activate the scooter and pay 30-cents per minute to ride.

Learn more about Peel Scooters by visiting the company’s website