Did Sunday’s Win Over The Saints Save Matt Rhule’s Job?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The losing streak is finally over for the Panthers. It is Victory Monday in the Carolinas, after the Cats took care of the Saints at Bank of America Stadium. The 22-14 win ended a nine game losing streak dating back to last season. The win also quite possibly saved head coach Matt Rhule’s job, at least for now.

The offense still struggling with its passing game. The defense doing better with two interceptions to steal the game. Rhule took the game ball. He thanked the team and says it’s about the players, not him. He said, “I believe in this team. I’ve said that this team was close. I’ve said this is a good team. I told you guys we just had to make a couple more plays. At the end of the day, like, we blocked the field goal. It’s the same team, but a 340 pound man dove out intercepted a ball. We executed better. But, made the plays that can finish the game.” He also says, “Yesterday was a much cleaner game than (when) we’ve had 5 penalties. We’re growing up, as a team. And, we have to do it again this week.”

Rhule says he hopes the players now feels validated that Panthers are a good team that can play against good teams.

Our question of the night: did the win save Matt Rhule’s job?

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