Duke Energy And Local Officials Prepare For Hurricane Ian

Duke Energy prepares for possible power outages locally in Charlotte

 Duke Energy plans on sending thousands of crews from the Midwest to help with relief from power outages in Florida from Hurricane Ian, however local Charlotte crews plan on staying put to help with power outages sustained from high winds and rain from the remanence of the hurricane.

“Right now on the ground both in Florida and in the Carolinas we have teams checking equipment, looking at supplies and inventories that can be impacted by Ian.” says Logan Kerecka of Duke Energy. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg storm water services will also be tracking flooding in areas with creeks and streams as well as how the rain will impact the Catawba river.

“We have a computer model that simulates how high the water is getting in our streams and we can project another inch if that happens. Where are we going to see flooding? It’s a great tool for emergency management.” said John Wendel of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services.

The Red Cross has already sent hundreds of volunteers to Florida, however the Charlotte chapter is also staying in town to prepare in case of the city becomes under a stage of emergency due to flooding and power outages.

“Depending on what comes north into the Carolinas, we want to make sure our community is prepared to stay safe and that is to be Red Cross ready. Building a kit, making a plan, and being informed.” said Allison Taylor of Red Cross.