Woman Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Students’ Medicine

DENVER, N.C. — The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says a Preparatory Academy employee was arrested for stealing medicine from students.

On September 13th, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted by West Lake Preparatory Academy saying that they believed an employee had taken medicine belonging to students from the nurse’s office.

The principal had watched the security video after the school nurse had reported that medicine was missing.

Officials say that in the video, Holly Bare, 43, could be seen going into the cabinet where the students’ medication was stored. Both times, the school nurse was either not present or looking away.

After a detective watched the security video, Ms. Bare was charged with two counts of larceny and two counts of possession of stolen goods.

Ms. Bare, of Stanley, N.C., was arrested in Gaston County but has been released awaiting trial in Lincoln County.