Edge On The Clock: Hailey Bieber Accused Of Cultural Appropriation In Make-Up TikTok

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – One in four Netflix users plan to ditch the streaming service this year. That’s according to a new survey from Reviews.org. Around 40 percent of people said they will leave Netflix due to the recently announced price increase. Another 20-percent say they are leaving as a direct result of the cost of living crisis. Others say they’re quitting due to missing shows and movies, or because they prefer other streaming services.

Plus, Hailey Bieber’s latest beauty TikTok going viral for the wrong reasons. The video shows Bieber sporting brown lip liner and clear lip gloss, which she calls “brownie glazed lips.” The look has been re-created by many other users on the platform, but people in the comments section are calling Bieber out for cultural appropriation. They say this is a look that many women of color have been using for decades.

And, a Swedish designer is speaking out after a dramatic runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Florence-based brand Avavav showcased their spring 2023 collection titled “Filthy Rich” with each model falling down during their walk. Creative Director Beate Karlsson said on Instagram the collection doubles as commentary on the industry’s obsession with wealth and status. She said she wanted to do a parody of a fashion show to go with it, saying, “So many fake richness but risk to fall down hard.”

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