NCDOT and Duke Energy Ready For Ian

High Winds And Flooding A Huge Concern For NCDOT And Duke Energy

NCDOT and Duke Energy officials say they have been prepping all week long for the arrival of Ian to Charlotte and the Carolinas. High winds and flooding are the main concerns for both the NC DOT and Duke Energy. 

“When there is flooding, a lot of times what that means not only can our crews not get to some of the places where they need to repair the outages but it means that some of those trees which are really the culprit that brings down those power lines are susceptible to more damage.” said Logan Kureczka of Duke Energy. “That’s really where we start to see some of the outages. Those outages come from those high winds that are going to bring down some of those branches and limbs and also from the flooding, so customers should have a plan in place.” Kureczka said.

Flooding and standing water is the major concern for the NCDOT. “Those drainage systems even though they have been cleaned out, they still may get overwhelmed. You still may see water ponding on the side of the road or maybe even creeping into a travel lane because it’s such a concentrated amount of rain in a very concentrated amount of time.” said Jennifer Thompson of NCDOT.