Edge On The Clock: You Can Stay In The Hocus Pocus House

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ruff day? Your furry friend can probably tell. A new study shows dogs appear to be able to know when people are stressed. The findings, published in the PLOS One Journal, are based on 36 people whose breath and sweat samples were collected during and after performing a stressful task. Dogs were then asked to find the stress sample, and they sniffed out the right emotion nearly 94% of the time.

Plus, Hocus Pocus fans, listen up. You can stay at the Sanderson sisters’ house this Halloween season. The creepy creepy cottage in the remote woods of Salem, Massachusetts is being listed on Airbnb. Two guests can stay at the cottage for an exclusive stay on October 20 for just $31. The house was recreated in honor of Hocus Pocus 2, which starts streaming on Disney+ on Friday.

And, get ready to spice up your life again. The Spice Girls announced the group is releasing multiple new and expanded versions of the group’s iconic Spiceworld album later this year. It’s all in celebration of the album’s 25th anniversary. The project will include the album’s original ten songs, along with never before released songs, including 15 minutes of remixed Spice Girls hits. Spice can be pre-ordered now ahead of its November 4th release.

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