Marvin Ridge Women’s Tennis Looks For Another State Title

The Mavericks looking for another state title.

WAXHAW, N.C. –– In the last seven years, the Women’s Tennis Team at Marvin Ridge High School has been one of the best in the state winning three state championships. The last coming last year. It was the Mavericks first season competing on the 4A level. This season, they are looking to repeat. “We are just going to try and do our best to do it again,” says Brooke Van Derveer, “You know we got to defend the title. We work hard in practice and we always give it our all in matches.”

That hard work and focus is instilled in them from their head coach, Julie Van Olden, who is in her eleventh year as coach and the team knows just how lucky they are to have her. “She is great. She has given me like so much great tennis advice,” say senior Merritt Wilson. “You know if we have something school related or something outside of tennis, she supports us in that.” Van Derveer adds “She is awesome. We love our coach. She always has good tips for us, especially in doubles. She is always telling us to rush the net and be aggressive.”

With great coaching, the Mavericks could be well on their way to another state title. Also helping their winning ways on the courts this season is simply the family attitude they carry with them. Wilson says “I think since we are a smaller team, we have a lot more team spirit and connection with each other. So when someone is playing on the court, it is almost like you are cheering on your best friend and you have a lot of support for them instead of just random fans, I guess, kind of like football. I think we have a lot of team spirit. We have a close bond and anyone who comes out and watches, can feel the energy.”