Edge On The Clock: Cars That Slow To Speed Limit On Their Own

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Kanye West is now locked out of Twitter after an anti-Semitic tweet. It’s now deleted, but the tweet read in part, “I’m going death con three on JEWISH PEOPLE.” Twitter locked the rapper’s account for violating its policies on hate speech. On Friday, West’s Instagram account was also restricted for policy violations. There’s no word when, or if, he’ll be allowed back on the platforms.

Plus, the iPhone 14’s new crash detection feature is causing major problems. Phones are automatically dialing 9-1-1 for some people on roller coasters. Emergency personnel near Cincinnati’s Kings Island Amusement Park and the Chicago Six Flags say they’ve received dozens of emergency calls due to the phone’s faulty feature. For now, the only fix is putting the iPhone 14 on airplane mode before getting on a roller coaster.

And, a new push to enforce speed limits across the country. The National Transportation Safety Board is incentivizing car makers to implement technology that could force cars to slow down. Cars would come with intelligent speed assistance and a “dead pedal.” That means the car knows the speed limit somewhere is 35 miles per hour, and won’t let you go above it. Software in the cars gives the driver an alarm, or simply just cuts off the accelerator when you reach the speed limit.

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