Edge On The Clock: Boaters Fight Off Sharks With Bare Hands

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A California man is suing the maker of Texas Pete hot sauce for $5M, for not being made in Texas. Philip White claims it’s false advertising. Maker TW Garner Food Company is head quartered in North Carolina, where it’s also made. He says he wouldn’t have bought the hot sauce or paid as much for it if he’d known that. And he argues it hurts smaller hot sauce companies in Texas that are trying to capitalize on their authenticity.

Plus, a new solution for getting to the airport. Delta wants you to take a flight from your neighborhood on an electric aircraft. The company invested $60M into Joby Aviation to offer the transfers, which will use heliports in neighborhoods to take off or land vertically. Then the passengers will land at vestiports near the airport terminal. Each aircraft has four seats, but no word on pricing yet. Delta says it will begin offering the service in New York and L.A. in the next couple of years.

And, a dramatic rescue at sea, caught on camera. On Sunday, the U.S. Coast Guard rescued some boaters fending off sharks for more than 24 hours, after their boat sank off the coast of Louisiana. A coast guard boat crew pulled three men out of the water, then they were airlifted to a hospital in New Orleans. Miraculously, they are all fine, minus some hand injuries. A family member notified the Coast Guard on Saturday after the men didn’t return that night. The Guard said they searched an area about the size of Rhode Island before finding them.

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