Tepper Gets Testy With Local Columnist During News Conference

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tension between a long-time local Carolina Panthers columnist, and the team owner. The exchange between Charlotte Observer sports columnist Scott Fowler and David Tepper is getting a lot of attention Tuesday, including in a column by the writer himself.

It started during the press conference Monday, when Fowler asked Tepper if he woke up that morning and made the decision to fire Matt Rhule. Tepper responded that Fowler should know better than to ask that, and that there are many factors that go into such a big decision. Here is Fowler’s follow up question, and Tepper’s response:

Fowler says, in part, “You’re not very specific.”

Before he walked out of the room, Tepper replies, in part, “You can read your own columns, OK, for that answer. Thank you.”

In his column the next day, Fowler says he doesn’t want an apology from Tepper, but does want him to be a better owner. Fowler then goes into a list of the ways Tepper needs to improve, and ends his piece by saying “Just fix the team. And don’t ask for any public money until you do.”

So our question of the night: what grade would you give David Tepper as an owner?

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