Gun Found at Julius Chambers High School

CHARLOTTE — A firearm was found on Thursday on the campus of Julius Chambers High School in University City, according to Charlotte Mecklenburg Police.  A juvenile suspect has been arrested. No one was hurt.

A message from the principal to Chambers parents said, in part:

“This is Principal Turner with an important message about a situation that occurred today. A firearm was discovered on campus. Law enforcement was immediately notified, and an investigation is underway.

“We are committed to the safety of our entire school community, and invite families speak with your students about the serious consequences of bringing a weapon of any kind to school. It is a violation of the law and the CMS Code of Student Conduct.

If your student feels unsafe at school or suspects dangerous behavior, please tell a trusted adult, or report it via the anonymous Say Something App.”

A CMS spokesperson says this is the first firearm found on a CMS campus this school year.