Jury Orders Alex Jones To Pay Sandy Hook Victims’ Families Almost $1B In Damages

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Connecticut jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages to families of eight Sandy Hook victims in the defamation trial. Conspiracy theorist and Info Wars host Alex Jones called the 2012 shooting a hoax, staged by paid actors. He live-streamed the verdict on his show, and said he will appeal it. Families of the victims wept in court as the decision was being read.

Those parents say they’re now feeling a weight lifted off their shoulders. Robbie Parker says, “All I can really say is that I’m just proud that what we were able to accomplish was just to simply tell the truth. And it shouldn’t be this hard and it shouldn’t be this scary.”

Jones livestreamed the verdict, mocking the decision and using it to fundraise. He has said he will appeal the decision, and said that there “ain’t no money” to pay the damages.

Our question of the night: does the punishment fit the crime?

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